stc Bahrain launches AI-powered facial recognition eSIM activation service

04 April 2024

stc Bahrain has launched ‘the first instant mobile eSIM activation service that uses AI-powered facial recognition to authorise users,’ one month after Bahrain’s telecoms regulator issued guidelines for facial recognition usage in telecoms services.

Subscribers can use the My stc BH app to buy a new eSIM and download it instantly. The app enables users to choose their favourite number and preferred mobile plan.

After that, stc subscribers can activate the eSIM instantly by capturing a live photo using their smartphone’s camera for identity verification. Once facial recognition software on the backend verifies the customer’s ID, the eSIM is activated and ready to use.

This makes the remote activation process easier and more secure, and eliminates the need for users to present or upload documents, visit a physical branch or wait for a delivery agent to come and authenticate and/or register their fingerprint.

“By leveraging AI face recognition technology and eSIM capabilities, our existing and new subscribers can get an eSIM number online and activate it without visiting any stc outlet,” said stc Bahrain CEO Eng. Nezar Banabeela. “Our aim is to empower customers by offering a seamless digital experience that enhances convenience and efficiency.”