Movistar Chile surpasses 1.5 million 5G users, 5G SA trials ongoing

04 April 2024

Movistar Chile (Telefonica) has crossed the milestone of 1.5 million 5G customers.

The company’s 5G Standalone (SA) Technology pilots are ongoing, as is a renewal plan for migrating all home broadband customers to fibre optics by the end of 2024. As part of its Technological Renewal Plan, the company also plans to end public telephone booths.

Movistar Chile reported that 70% of mobile customers are on free 5G plans at no additional cost and users are consuming 40% more Gigabytes than 4G users. The company has also announced the inauguration of two new 5G Movistar Experience Laboratories - a project by Movistar Empresas - at the Catholic University of the Santisima Concepcion and at the University of La Serena, both featuring the new Standalone technology.

In 2024, Movistar Chile will execute more than 800 4G and 5G modernization projects and over 260 5G coverage expansions throughout Chile. This will allow coverage expansion to new areas such as Easter Island, Cape Horn, Primavera, and Timaukel, bringing high-speed connectivity to rural areas in the country.