Odido opts for Netcracker for digital transformation

04 April 2024

Odido (formerly T-Mobile Netherlands) will consolidate several critical processes across various brands and legacy environments onto Netcracker Digital BSS, including professional and support and maintenance services, as part of a large-scale digital transformation project.

Odido, which recently underwent a major rebranding that brought together multiple brands (Ben, Simpel and Tele2) and introduced its new name, aims to streamline its operational workflows. The operator is already using Netcracker Digital BSS for Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Order Management. In the transformation project, this will be expanded to Product Management (Product Catalogue and Product Lifecycle Management), which will result in several business benefits, including faster time to market for new services; a more robust, scalable and unified platform; and an overall reduction in operational expenses due to the consolidation.

Netcracker will lead the BSS platform consolidation project, which will positively impact Odido’s B2C customers through a reduction of complexity and legacy systems, modernization of the entire technology stack, cloudification of its BSS platform and enhancement of the end user experience.

“As an established customer of Netcracker’s that has experienced a lot of success through our multi-year partnership, we are thrilled to continue our engagement as we launch a new brand and create the best experience for our customers,” said Lotta Gunnarsson, CIO at Odido. “While we make the journey towards becoming a techco, having a trusted partner at our side will make all the difference to our future success.”

“We are extremely proud to continue our long-standing relationship with Odido during such a pivotal time that includes rebranding, BSS consolidation and digital transformation,” said Benedetto Spaziani, GM, Netcracker. “Our accomplishments in the past will lead to more achievements going forward as Odido reinvents itself as a techco and enjoys the results of this hard work.”