CDL enhances land mobile coverage with Intelsat FlexMove

04 April 2024

Cloudcast Digital (CDL) has expanded satellite communication connectivity using Intelsat’s FlexMove to deliver land mobile services to customers in hard-to-reach locations throughout India.

CDL’s technology services are managed by teleport and video platform services provider Planetcase, which has been a long-time customer of Intelsat, particularly utilizing Intelsat 17 and Intelsat 20 satellites.

CDL and Intelsat introduced Flex services into India in 2022, combining Intelsat satellite capacity over the region, a Flex gateway in Noida, India, and CDL’s In-Flight and Maritime Connectivity (IFMC) license to deliver FlexMaritime service for vessels travelling in Indian territorial waters. Intelsat said that the Flex service simplifies the management and delivery of broadband.