INRED connects the Amazonas with MEO satellite connectivity

04 June 2024

INRED is using SES’ medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellites to provide internet connectivity in the department (administrative division) of Amazonas.

The project aims to connect more than 500 homes, schools, government entities, and thousands of habitants in Amazonas.

INRED will use the MEO satellites to connect Leticia and other rural areas in Amazonas that will enable better access to educational and governmental services. The Amazonas project is the latest in which INRED and SES have collaborated with the Colombian government over the past six years.

“Having a long-term partner such as SES, who operates satellites in both geostationary and MEO orbits and knows our connectivity needs well, we have full trust in SES offering the most ideal satellite network to pave the way to a better social and economic future for the people of Colombia,” said INRED CEO John Ureña.