Telia Estonia reports 43 solar-powered mobile sites with Sunly City

04 June 2024

Telia Estonia now has 43 mobile sites now supported by solar panels. These installations, developed in collaboration with Sunly City, aim to power Telia’s mobile services with solar energy, benefiting tens of thousands of customers in Estonia, the telco said on Thursday.

Telia Estonia and Sunly City entered into an agreement in 2023, under which Sunly City will construct solar installations near approximately 100 of Telia’s mobile masts in the country by the end of this year. Telia Estonia said that the solar installations represent the company’s largest renewable energy project to date.

“The entire Telia Company group – including Telia Estonia – has committed to achieving net-zero emissions and 100 percent reuse and recycling of waste by 2030,” said the company in a statement.

According to Telia Estonia, 40 solar installations were built alongside Telia mobile masts in 2023, with an additional three added at the beginning of this year.

“We are making plans for 2024 and preparing for more construction work,” said Telia Estonia. “The plan is to collaborate with our partner to activate nearly all of the 100 solar installations by the end of this year.”

The production capacity of the solar installations being developed in collaboration between Sunly City and Telia will reach 1,200kW once all the stations are completed.

Telia is committed to achieving net zero by 2040. To achieve net zero, Telia must reduce emissions by 90% compared to the base year 2018 and neutralize the rest. By 2030, Telia commits to at least halving absolute GHG emissions compared to 2018 and offsetting the rest, while continuing to move towards net-zero.