3 Sweden to support Proptivity’s connected properties

04 July 2024

3 Sweden (Tre) and Proptivity have announced a deal under which Tre will integrate its mobile services into Proptivity’s connected properties.

This will provide tenants and visitors with 5G service at gigabit speeds throughout the properties, Proptivity said in a statement.

According to Proptivity, this collaboration marks the first operator partnership following the Swedish model for shared high-capacity indoor mobile networks, allowing operators seamless connectivity access. Through this agreement, Tre will integrate its mobile services into Proptivity’s high-capacity shared mobile infrastructure for properties.

“Before this agreement, old indoor technology was used that no longer meets the standards and consumes much more energy than the modern systems we deliver. Our collaboration with Tre shows that together we want to provide property owners, companies, and mobile users with the best possible connectivity in an environmentally optimised way,” said Proptivity in a statement.

Modern energy-efficient buildings often hinder radio signal penetration, necessitating indoor networks to maintain mobile coverage. This issue coincides with the growing demand for indoor connectivity, particularly with the increasing use of data-intensive services like video calls. As such, Tre’s agreement with the neutral host follows a test at the Ahlen’s department store building in the Oestermalm district of central Stockholm and uses Ericsson’s Radio Dot System.

Proptivity cited a report from Sweden’s property advisor Newsec, which says that 89% of Swedish companies see connectivity as a must when choosing their next premises. Furthermore, 68% of companies are willing to pay higher rents for properties with excellent connectivity.

“We are proud to offer our corporate customers the best possible solution for high-capacity indoor 5G. This is important for the future digitisation of our society, as it enables faster, more efficient, and reliable connections and opportunities for network sharing in buildings,” said Tre Sweden.