‘Sub-Saharan mobile financial services use more than triples in six years’ – Ericsson report

06 December 2021

Nearly half of all consumers in sub-Saharan Africa use mobile financial services in 2021 –more than a three-fold increase in the last six years – according to a new Ericsson Consumer and Market Insight report.

Titled “Mobile Financial Services on the Rise”, the report also highlights the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mobile financial services uptake, with 54% of consumers surveyed saying that they use mobile financial services transactions more now. Some 70% are more positive towards mobile financial services as a preferred contactless alternate to cash.

The report research, conducted by Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab early this year, surveyed 3,200 consumers across six sub-Saharan African countries to assess the growth of mobile financial services in light of technology and infrastructure gains across the region, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic impact on financial behaviou

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World Bank backs Congo's digital economy with US$100m

09 November 2021

The World Bank approved the disbursement of $100 million to support Congo’s digital migration strategy.

Minister of the digital economy Léon Juste Ibombo made the announcement following a meeting with a World Bank delegation.


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STL introduces 5G and WiFi 6-ready, cloud-native software portfolio to enable telco shift to 'XaaS' models

06 July 2021

STL's new offering

STL's new offering

Digital networks integrator Sterlite Technologies (STL) Wednesday launched its new Network Software portfolio - the NSW 2.0 - offering a multi-tenant, cloud-native, microservices-based architecture and hyper-scaler approach to help telcos tap into the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) market.

The NSW 2.0 portfolio also supports multi-vendor plug-and-play components using a standardized TM-Forum compliant API suite to help telcos monetize 5G, WiFi 6, along with Business As Usual functions, according to an official statement.

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Mauritius launches first satellite

02 July 2021

Mauritius became the latest African country to have a presence in space, following the successful launch of a CubeSat – MIR-SAT1 on board the SpaceX Falcon 9 from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.

MIR SAT, which stands for Mauritius Imagery and Radiotelecommunication Satellite, is a nano satellite (a term reserved for any satellite with a mass from 1kg-10kg. Once it is deployed and begins orbiting Earth, the ground station at the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) in Ebene will be able to contact it a few times a day.

Data the MRIC receives will help the Indian Ocean nation with disaster management and prevention. The ground station will also allow the receipt of data and telemetry from other satellites.

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