Fixed wireless access and Wi-Fi on the move

11 May 2021

Wherever you live, the average broadband speed requirement continues to rise and fibre access is arguably still the go-to option. It makes complete sense, when one considers its high bandwidth performance, low latency and maintenance, as well as durability.

Of course, copper and fibre deployment for better broadband service is not always an upgrade option. Reasons include the fact that municipal regulations can make fibre trenching prohibitive, lower population densities in rural markets often harm the fibre business case return on investment (ROI), while buildings or things of natural beauty may prevent the installation of fibre regardless of how much money has been made available.

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Lancom’s new entry-level Wi-Fi 6 access point looks like a smoke detector

08 February 2021

Styled to look like a smoke detector, Lancom’s new entry-level Wi-Fi 6 access point is priced to appeal to small- to medium-sized organisations.

With aggregated data rates of up to 1,775 Mbps, the LW-600 is said to be ideal where small to medium numbers of users require high-throughput Wi-Fi.

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Wireless router is ready for the future

05 February 2021

Targeted at businesses with branch networks, the E3000 range is said by Cradlepoint to be the first 5G-optimised, all-in-one wireless edge router for the market.

Customers, it says, can set up a wireless WAN today using LTE and Wi-Fi technology and seamlessly upgrade to 5G in the future. 

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5G in Africa: where were we?

04 February 2021

I remember walking through the halls of GITEX in Dubai and AfricaCom in Cape Town last year and not being able to move for talk about 5G. Whether it was infrastructure, monetisation, masts or who would “get there first”, the pure hyperbole associated with next-generation technology was, arguably, becoming tiresome. It almost reached the stage where I took off my lanyard so that I couldn’t be easily identified as a member of the press fraternity.It’s a bit like Brexit in the UK. It was a staple news diet for a few years and then it was like it never happened.

Then, at the turn of 2020 rumours started that someone ate a bat purchased from a wet market in Wuhan, China - and the world was suddenly bracing itself for a pandemic not seen in a very long time. While we still don’t know for sure how the novel coronavirus and Covid-19 came into being, what we do know is that the pandemic has caused a level of devastation that we weren’t ready for.

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