Durban residents fight against 5G towers being built on their property

04 September 2020

Community leaders in Berea, a ridge above the city of Durban, have railed against a proposed government law that would allow network service providers to build 5G towers and other electronic communication devices on any private and public land.

The draft proposal, which was gazetted by Stella Ndabeni-Abarahams, minister of communications and digital technologies, is part of the government’s expansion into the 5G network.

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Cassava and Liquid join forces to launch new Wi-Fi finder

04 September 2020

Cassava Fintech International (CFI) and Liquid Telecom Group (LTG) have joined forces to develop a service aimed at accelerating digital and financial inclusion in Africa.

Through the newly launched Sasai WiFi Finder, the partners plan to establish an expansive network of data access points across the continent and build ‘Africa’s Missing Network’ by partnering with broadband providers, internet service providers and local community hubs.

The service, which is set to be rolled out across thousands of hotspots across Africa, can be accessed through an intuitive and easy-to-use in-application feature on the Sasai super application, where users can identify hotspots where they can access affordable data.

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PEACE extends to South Africa

30 March 2020

PCCW Global and PEACE Cable International Network have partnered to extend the Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) submarine cable system to southern Africa.

The PEACE South extension will boost bandwidth and have an important impact on connectivity from its current African landing point in Mombasa, Kenya, all the way to South Africa. This will open new Southern African Development Community (SADC) and east African markets to cable partners.

PEACE South will also provide alternative routes for existing systems, connecting southern Africa to Europe and Asia with newer, faster high-bandwidth technology and assisting the region to improve internet usage and reduce the cost of connectivity.

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Algeria and Mauritania in fibre optic link up

18 February 2020

Algeria has completed a 75km cross-border fibre-optic network link with Mauritania.

The deployment of the section was announced by Algeria’s minister of post, telecommunications, technology and digitalisation, Houda Imane Faraoun.

Algeria is progressively forging links with other markets, having recently completed a 440km terrestrial fibre route over its southern border into Niger in November of last year.

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