Starlink coming soon to Burundi

26 September 2023

SpaceX has begun negotiations with the Burundian authorities to launch Starlink services in the country from the second quarter of 2024, pending approval from regulatory authorities.

Starlink's low-orbit satellite constellation should enable the government to accelerate coverage of the entire population with high-speed internet connectivity, including communities living in remote rural areas that are difficult to access for operators' terrestrial networks. The Telecommunications Regulatory and Control Agency (ARCT) plans to launch commercial 5G in the country from July next year.

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SADC to benefit from Angosat-2 coverage

29 August 2023

The countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) should soon be able to benefit from the services of Angosat-2, Angola's telecom satellite, according to Mário Oliveira, minister of telecommunications, information technologies and social communication.

According to the minister, among the countries interested in satellite services are Botswana and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia. The satellite capacity should reinforce the efforts of the governments of the member countries of the SADC in favour of the development of ICT in a context of accelerated digital transformation. This will make it possible to extend broadband connectivity in remote areas that are poorly covered by the terrestrial networks of telecom operators.

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Senegal arrests five for unauthorised Starlink service sales

10 August 2023

The Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority of Senegal (ARTP) has arrested five alleged agents of Starlink.

According to the local press, these five individuals were caught in the act of marketing terminals allowing access to the company's services, without the prior authorization of the Senegalese authorities. Starlink has yet to comment on the situation.

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Starlink enters Kenya

04 August 2023

Starlink satellite broadband internet service is now available in Kenya.

Subscribers will pay $650 for the equipment - Starlink dish, mounting stand, cables, and a power source – and the monthly subscription fee is $46.

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