Icom introduces LTE/POC mobile radio terminal for commercial vehicles

03 January 2020

Icom’s new IP501M, an LTE/PTT over Cellular (PoC) mobile radio, completes its range of LTE radio products.

The company says that as the IP501M uses public mobile networks, it offers users nationwide coverage.

The IP501M has the same Man Machine Interface (MMI), operating menu and key layout as Icom’s IP501H/IP503H hand portables.

It also supports full duplex operation, allowing users to talk and receive at the same time during individual calls and group calls.

As the device uses public mobile networks, it doesn’t require a radio licence.

What’s more, with the optional HM-230HB command microphone connected, users have a display and 10-keypad control handheld-like interface.

Furthermore, the IP501M can also be connected via Bluetooth to wireless headsets for hands-free operation.

“Our LTE radio system is perfect for any transport company providing [an] incredibly simple, secure full duplex solution at a reasonable cost with nationwide coverage,” says Ian Lockyer, marketing manager at Icom UK.