Morocco: customers can transfer numbers in two days

18 February 2020

 Subscribers to Maroc Telecom, Orange and Wana Corporate (Inwi) can now transfer their fixed and mobile numbers to either rival within two days.

Moroccan regulator l’Autorité nationale de régulation des télécommunications (ANRT) has introduced a centralised number portability database (BDCPN), in collaboration with the three operators, in a bid to speed up what had become a lengthy process.

“The establishment of the BDCPN constitutes a regulatory lever which should help to develop competition in the market segments concerned and streamline the porting process,” the ANRT said in a statement.

“The BDCPN will contribute to the automation of portage request management flows between the operators by promoting implementation of direct routing of calls to ported numbers.”

In the third quarter of 2019, the telecom regulator recorded a total of 775,316 carry requests for mobile numbers and just 37,583 for landline numbers.