Doodle Labs releases ‘most advanced broadband radio platform in the industry’

21 April 2020

Doodle Labs starts 2020 with the release of the latest member in its expanding Smart Radio Platform, which it claims is “the most advanced, long-range, high-bandwidth broadband radio platform in the industry”.

The RM-5800 Smart Radio is designed for the 5725-5875 MHz licence free ISM band. The RM-5800 radio is available in the both the Embedded (-XM) and the IP67-rated External (-XE) form factors.

Due to its globally unlicensed nature, Doodle Labs reckons the 5.8 GHz ISM band is popular for establishing wireless data links for industrial IoT use cases. The RM-5800 supposedly enables a variety of applications in this band, including point-to-point communications, video surveillance, control of robotic systems and the exchange of sensor data across data links in unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Doodle Labs has leveraged its patented BII technology to develop the RM-5800 radio to simplify the development of new IP communication equipment for high throughput, long-range mobile wireless mesh networks. Apparently compact and lightweight, the radio enables development of advanced communication capabilities for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), vehicular, rapidly deployable MANET networks, ground robots, as well as handheld, wearable and small form fit radios. www.