Seacom chief strategy officer Ramdhani quits

04 September 2020

Seacom chief strategy officer Suveer Ramdhani, who has played an integral role in the company since its launch in 2009, has quit his post.

He initially was responsible for the firm’s product development before he assumed his current role as chief strategy officer in 2014. In this role he has been responsible for overseeing Seacom’s strategy, market development, and mergers and acquisition.

This includes the recent acquisition of FibreCo, which has enabled the company to operate a network that links all major South African cities to Seacom’s submarine cables.

“He recently concluded the acquisition of FibreCo Telecommunications, which has positioned Seacom to operate a network that runs along South Africa’s highest-traffic transmission routes and links all major South African cities to Seacom’s submarine cable assets,” the company said in a statement. 

“Suveer has been a cornerstone of our business, driving growth strategies for new products and services, new markets and transformative acquisitions,” said Brian Herlihy, chairperson of Seacom’s investment and strategy subcommittee.