Madagascar: Telma’s 5G network suspended

04 September 2020

Madagascar’s Communication Technology Regulatory Authority (ARTEC)blocked the 5G network open to the general public by operator Telma.

It has sealed all equipment related to the technology, which Telma disputes. The telecoms company is accused of having overstepped the scope of the experiment granted to it.

On July 1, 2020, Telma announced the commercial launch of its 5G services, in partnership with Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson.

The company indicated that it was making Madagascar “the first African country to benefit from the new generation of mobile connectivity”. However, ARTEC underlined that Telma was not granted an authorisation to market 5G services, but rather a temporary one to experiment with the technology for a month.

ARTEC said in a press release that “the use of 5G services is still in an experimental phase in Madagascar as in many member countries of the International Telecommunication Union”.

In addition, the experimentation allowed in Telma was to be done indoors only. However, the operator finally extended it to the outdoors and to several sites without the prior approval of the telecoms regulator.

Telma believes that the information is “totally incorrect and reserves the right to take ARTEC to court for this irresponsible communication”.