ATU partners with Ericsson to improve connectivity

14 April 2021

The African Telecommunications Union has joined forces with Swedish gear-maker Ericsson to validate a set of recommendations that will help African countries accelerate broadband connectivity, including 5G, across their territories. 

These tools, approved by 25 countries and representatives of regional economic blocs in Africa, will guide the beneficiaries in the rational and efficient management of the telecom spectrum, which is the key element for the development of broadband.

“Radio spectrum is a natural, scarce, and valuable resource that is currently being used for a wide range of applications, providing many economic and social benefits in the continent,” said John Omo, ATU secretary-general. “As demand for spectrum continues to grow, regulators must work to meet the pressure that comes with managing the use of spectrum resources.” 

The ATU and Ericsson’s recommendations to develop broadband in Africa are the result of the collaboration signed between the two parties in June last year. Their aim was to connect, innovate and transform the continent into a knowledge economy.

ATU said it is confident that strict implementation of its recommendations will contribute to a revival of investment in the telecom sector and accelerate the digital transformation of the continent, bringing multiple socio-economic benefits.

Meanehilw, Ericsson revealed it will be discussing the latest developments of the 5G technology at the 5G Middle East and North Africa 2021 Digital Symposium taking place virtually March 2021.