Paratus unveils plans for Angola

06 September 2022

Satellite connectivity specialist Paratus Group said it is close to establishing a highly sophisticated network hub in Angola, which is an expansion of fibre and microwave coverage across Angola.

The company said the centre is the result of several years of telecommunications infrastructure investments in several African countries and the expansion of fibre and microwave coverage across Angola’s 18 provinces.

Local telecommunications services provider Internet Technologies Angola (ITA) was recently officially rebranded as Paratus Angola.

The brand repositioning is designed to provide access to additional resources and seamless integration across Paratus’ transcontinental network in Africa.
“Digital transformation is essential not only for the southern African region but for the continent at large,” said Francisco Pinto Leite, director general, Paratus Angola. “By continually expanding our networks, we hope to positively impact the lives of millions of our people through the potential that increased connectivity brings with it, especially in health, education, and job creation.”

The Paratus Group recently established fibre connections to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and worked on a number of new submarine cables such as the Google Equiano Cable, for which Paratus was the landing partner when the cable landed in Namibia July 1.