Poa Internet and USTDA collaborate on study to expand connectivity in Kenya

01 February 2023

The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has awarded a grant to Nairobi-based internet service provider Poa Internet Kenya Ltd. for a feasibility study to help expand affordable internet connectivity to one million households in low-income urban areas outside of Kenya.

“Poa Internet’s use of fixed wireless technology is particularly well suited to urban areas. It is also a segment in which U.S. companies are particularly competitive. Our partnership will help increase access to affordable internet and contribute to the vibrant economy of Africa’s cities,” said Enoh T Ebong, director, USTDA.

The study will include a market assessment of 14 African countries and recommend three target markets for Poa Internet’s expansion outside of Kenya. It will also provide a detailed analysis for these markets, including a supply and demand assessment, regulatory and legal analysis, an environmental and social impact assessment, and go-to-market recommendations.

“Poa Internet has been facilitating access to unlimited affordable broadband to underserved lower-income urban communities across Kenya,” said Andy Halsall, CEO, Poa Internet. “We are delighted to form this partnership with USTDA as we continue with our journey to bring affordable internet access to Africa. This grant from USTDA will support our geographic expansion and goals of advancing inclusive, secure, and sustainable connectivity to lower-income urban communities.”