Cambium Networks launches next generation fixed wireless platform - the ePMP 4600

07 February 2023

Cambium Networks has introduced the ePMP 4600, a next generation fixed wireless platform that allows service providers and private network operators to utilize the entire 6GHz spectrum to deliver up to 4Gbps throughput per sector over fixed wireless.

The ePMP 4600 is deployed in days rather than the months it takes to deploy fibre and is dramatically less costly than satellite access technologies, enabling service providers in rural and suburban areas to offer up to 1Gbps service packages with low latency to business and residential customers.

Network operators report field tests showing multigigabit throughput per sector and more than 1Gbps to subscriber modules at ranges greater than two miles. The new spectrum will especially benefit hard-to-reach rural communities most impacted by the digital divide by providing a rapidly deployable way to deliver high-bandwidth, low-latency services for demanding applications, such as streaming video, videoconferencing, and gaming.

The 4600 is the fourth generation of Cambium Networks’ successful ePMP platform with more than 3 million radios deployed and serving customers globally. The ePMP platform offers scalability and interference mitigation based on its unique air interface. The platform takes advantage of the 802.11ax standard and overlays ePMP features such as TDD synchronization, SmartQoS and frame optimization.

The upcoming 6GHz spectrum will offer 850MHz of new clean, low noise floor channels that will be ideal for the new capabilities offered in the ePMP 4600 such as orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA), multi-user multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO) in both the uplink and downlink directions and TDD synchronization. For point-to-point (PTP) applications such as campus connectivity and business services, the Force 4600C builds on the proven ePMP Force 400C Series to offer multiple Gbps and leverage the unique ePTP protocol for higher network efficiency.