Intracom Telecom signs multimillion agreement with Maxnet in Sudan

10 March 2023

Intracom Telecom has signed a frame contract agreement with Maxnet for the supply of the WiBAS™ wireless access systems. The project is anticipated to be completed by 2025.

Within the framework of this multimillion US dollars agreement, Intracom Telecom supplies its latest generation of WiBAS™-Connect Terminals and OSDR Hubs, a Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) wireless system capable of connecting up to 120 subscribers to a base station sector, along with company's network lifecycle management and automation system, uni|MS™.

Maxnet, in line with its network modernization strategy, embraces Intracom Telecom’s superior technology at 28GHz spectrum, aims to replace unlicensed band radios and older technology & infrastructure and expands its network coverage and performance.

Intracom Telecom has been already providing the WiBAS™ technology to Maxnet since 2021, building a pioneering PMP network for the banking sector in Sudan, and upgrading connectivity for top residential and enterprise customers in the country. The network is interoperable and compatible with company’s latest technology, the WiBAS™ G5, which is expected to be included in the deliveries.

“We are very excited to deploy Intracom Telecom’s ultra-broadband FWA solution WiBAS™ in Sudan,” said Elrashied Abdalla Mahmoud, Maxnet general manager. “WiBAS™ has enabled Maxnet to provide broadband connectivity with growing capacity demands at high speed and quality of service. Our customers are very happy & satisfied with MaxNet services, and we are very grateful to Intracom Telecom for their support.”

“We are pleased to further enhance our partnership with Maxnet, which started in 2021, honored to be part of their business success and ready to provide better quality connection for private networks in Sudan, for enterprise customers with top quality of reliable connectivity. Our WiBAS™ technology provides the highest capacity in the industry, the best radio technology for uninterrupted service and the widest set of networking functions to meet Maxnet’s strict list of requirements,” said John Tenidis, marketing director of Intracom Telecom's wireless solutions portfolio.