Telecom Namibia focuses on modernisation

11 April 2023

Telecom Namibia is focused on developing its network infrastructure in the 2022 financial year and has upgraded 25 3G/4G mobile sites in urban and rural areas of the country.

“In terms of network enhancement, we are in the process of reviewing the network architecture to optimize its performance and alleviate strain on the network as more and more customers continue to use our services,” said Telecom Namibia in a statement.

These investments are part of Telecom Namibia's telecom network modernisation strategy announced in January 2021 to meet high demand and consumer demands. The company unveiled in July 2022 that it would invest N$2.3 billion in its fixed and mobile network infrastructure over five years. It also invested $5 million for the joint installation of Google's Equiano fibre optic submarine cable, in partnership with Paratus.