Liquid Intelligent Technologies to accelerate Zambia’s digital transformation

05 April 2023

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Zambia to accelerate the country's digital transformation and provide reliable and affordable connectivity to all Zambians.

The agreement builds on Liquid's already extensive investments made since it opened its doors in Zambia in 2011. In the MoU, Liquid Zambia has committed to launching a new data centre that can respond to increasing data-hosting needs from local businesses and hyperscalers establishing their presence in Zambia.

Planned expansion of Liquid’s fibre network will see the connection of more towns across the country, and the physical infrastructure needed to connect schools and clinics along Liquid’s network will also be deployed. The group will also be working with the government to offer public and private cloud, and cyber security solutions to support the digitisation of government services. These activities and investments, coupled with further expansion of the network across Zambia’s borders will position Zambia as a strong hub of digital activity in the region.

“We recognize the significant efforts that the Zambian government is making to accelerate the country’s digital transformation and share His Excellency, President Hichilema’s vision for the development of Zambia’s digital economy. Given the conducive investment environment, we are committed to further investments in Zambia’s digital infrastructure,” said Hardy Pemhiwa, president and Group CEO, Cassava Technologies.

“The Liquid Zambia team is excited to be continuing our partnership with the Zambian government. Zambia is our home, and we are committed to seeing the country thrive. Being able to contribute meaningfully to its socio-economic growth and infrastructural development by sharing our knowledge and skills, and through the provision of the infrastructure and services needed by Zambian in this growth phase is important to us,” said Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Zambia.