Ghana: 11 million unregistered subscribers to be blocked by month-end

03 May 2023

National Communications Authority (NCA) director-general Joe Anokye says that Ghana has 11 million active but unregistered SIMs and those SIMs will be deactivated at the end of the month.

The 11 million unregistered SIMs include exempted subscribers like diplomats and refugees, as well as Ghanaians on official duties outside the West African country.
When the registration process began, there were 42.75 million active SIMs with various identification forms such as National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) cards, passports and driving licenses, but most of these were not verified when used to register SIMs, the Director-General explained.

"Out of the 36.57 million SIMs registered by April 25, 2023, 25.45 million SIMs had completed both Stage One and Stage Two of registration using their Ghana Card, therefore they are fully registered and stored in the central SIM database," said Anokye. "SIM registration is a key national assignment fundamental to our digital transformation agenda. It is critical for the building of trust and confidence in the use of telecommunications, financial and other essential services.”