New methanol fuel cell-based power generator for telco industry

05 May 2023

Blue World Technologies has launched the CellPack™ Stationary, a methanol fuel cell-based power generator developed for the telecommunication industry.

The CellPack™ Stationary can also be adapted to other demands such as electric vehicle charging or power supply for low-quality- or off-grid installations.

The CellPack™ Stationary can be delivered as a 5-, 10-, or 15kW system for installation either as a backup, supplemental, or primary power source depending on customer need.

With high efficiency, a continuous power output, a pure methanol fuel system, and IoT-based remote monitoring the CellPack™ Stationary is an innovative system replacing conventional fossil-based generators.

With a small footprint, the CellPack™ Stationary consists of a base unit combined with either one, two, or three 5 kW power modules depending on the customer’s power need.

The system can be installed as a hybrid solution combined with renewable energy sources such as solar cells or wind turbines. As the fuel cell system only has a few moving parts the noise and vibration levels are very low making it ideal for installation in densely populated areas.