Ethio Telecom targets OTT entertainment services

06 June 2023

Ethio Telecom is establishing customer-driven digital solutions and inclusive platforms to empower the Ethiopian entertainment industry and ensure the availability, quality, and reliability of telecom services. The MNO aims to create a conducive and enabling environment for the content industry to encourage creativity and directly distribute content to the audience.

The company has launched new digital entertainment applications that will play a key role in digitalizing and revolutionizing the nation’s entertainment industry. These applications will bridge the digital engagement gap, provide data-driven value additions to empower the creative industry, offer easy payment and access channels, ensure a single subscription with attractive data bundles, and make supporting technology and marketing resources available. This will empower users’ creativity, expand their mental horizons, acquire new knowledge, and heal their souls with the contents provided with partners.

Four value-added services were launched, including IPTV/OTT video streaming service, which provides customers with a variety of content ranging from live TV programs, drama, series movies to various premium videos.

Sewasew Music Streaming is another value-added service that brings music fans a unique digital experience. It allows them to connect with local and international modern and classical music artists in one place.

Two new mobile games, Telegames Appland, and Telewin, have also been launched. These games offer a wide variety of options for both adults and children to download and play unlimited games at an affordable price, with no ads, in-app purchases, or viruses.