320 million FCFA paid in MoMo ransoms in Cameroon

11 April 2024

In Cameroon, 320 million FCFA was paid by mobile money to terrorists in twelve months in the North West and South West regions, reported Paul Atanga Nji, minister of territorial administration.

“When a group of terrorists holds more than 50 SIM cards without identification, this threatens the security of populations, because they are found on all digital platforms, WhatsApp, Facebook and others, spy on us and chat with their accomplices foreigner,” said Atanga Nji.

This initiative is part of the actions undertaken by the Cameroonian government to resolve the security crisis in the North-West, South-West, Far North and Adamaoua regions. These regions are subject to the terrorist activities of English-speaking separatists on the one hand and those of Boko Haram insurgents on the other.

According to Atanga Nji, there are currently more than 450 SIM cards without identification which end up in the hands of terrorists. This complicates the investigations carried out, because after each package, they remove the SIM cards and replace them with others.

The identification of SIM cards required by the Ministry of Territorial Administration should make it possible to clean up the database of mobile telephone subscribers and strengthen security in Cameroon's crisis zones.