Ericsson upgrades 5G FWA forecast

20 December 2022

Ericsson is maintaining its prediction of more than 1 billion 5G customers by the end of 2022 but has increased its fixed wireless access (FWA) forecast subscriptions.

5G FWA customer numbers will remain low this year at around 30 million from a total FWA base of just over 100 million. However, total global FWA subscriptions will grow at 19% year-on-year during 2022-2028 period to reach more than 300 million by 2028, the vast majority of which will be based on 5G.

The use of FWA for home and business broadband is proving to be a major early use case for 5G, especially in regions where the fixed broadband market is lacking. FWA growth is in part driven by India and will also come in other emerging markets. Ericsson’s data shows that almost 40% of 5G FWA launches came in emerging markets in the past year, with services now on offer in densely populated countries like Mexico, South Africa, and the Philippines.

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Vodacom Tanzania launches 5G FWA routers

14 December 2022

Vodacom Tanzania has launched 5G fixed wireless access routers to enable homes and offices to access 5G internet.

Vodacom Tanzania launched the country’s first 5G network in September and has recently acquired spectrum portfolios that it intends to use for network expansions and investments, including 5G deployments.

“Although 5G was launched in the country, it has not been accessible to many of our customers and businesses due to mobile device limitations in terms of capabilities to latch onto 5G, so today we are excited to launch our 5G routers which will enable our customers to enjoy 5G internet,” said Vodacom Tanzania director enterprise business unit director, Arjun Dhillon. “5G Home and Business Internet, powered by the only 5G network in the country is ideal for anyone who wants ultra-fast connectivity to stream, game, or work flexibly. For businesses, 5G adoption means higher productivity, efficiency, and more connections while for homes it means smarter homes and better internet experience.”

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GSMA elects 2023-2024 board

07 November 2022

The GSMA has elected new members of the board of directors for a two-year term beginning 1 January 2023 through 31 December 2024.

The GSMA Board has also elected José María Álvarez-Pallete López CEO of Telefónica Group, as chair, and Gopal Vittal, CEO of Bharti Airtel Group as deputy chair. 

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TikTok to provide free WiFi in South Africa

03 November 2022

TikTok has announced a pilot partnership with ThinkWiFi for the deployment of 50 free WiFi hotspots in South Africa in order to promote internet access and reduce digital inequalities.

The ‘TikTok Wi-Fi’ programme’s pilot phase is expected to last six months, and will be located in Soweto, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and Bushbuckridge. According to digital marketing agency CSA Sha-Izwe, TikTok currently has 6.44 million active users over the age of 18 in South Africa, and interest across the entire continent is growing.

Lack of internet access and/or its high cost is thought to be currently preventing consumers from using the TikTok platform. According to DataReportal, South Africa had 41.19 million internet users in January 2022, a penetration rate of 68.2%. Thus, 19.21 million or 31.8% of South Africans were not connected to the internet at the start of the year.

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