Immediately recognise every cable, server and component

14 June 2022

Not a single server cable will require manual tracing during installation, network refreshes and troubleshooting when identified with reliable Brady labels for error-free data centre intervention.

Quickly recognise the right hardware for fast and error-free data centre interventions. Rely on Brady’s industrial grade labels that remain legible, and stay attached to any cable, disk, panel, rack, router, switch and server. Discover Brady's dedicated data centre identification solutions and get the free data center identification guide!

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Sparkle partners with Nigeria’s Ciudad for high-Speed international connectivity

13 June 2022

Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy, has been selected by Nigerian operator Ciudad, one of Africa’s fastest growing telecommunication companies, to provide high-speed international IP connectivity.

Operating as OneData Nigeria, Ciudad is an alternative internet service provider with a market presence in six cities.

Sparkle’s global IP Transit backbone Seabone - the first International Tier-1 backbone in Africa and among the top five worldwide - at its point of presence in Lagos, helps Ciudad gain low latency and high-speed access to the global Internet.

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Airtel Tanzania invests in 4G network expansion

11 May 2022

Mobile network operator Airtel Tanzania wants to expand its upgraded 4G network coverage across the nation to provide people with better services.

The company said it has completed the upgrade of more than 80% of its 4G sites in major regions of Tanzania and wants to continue investing to roll out the high-speed data network throughout the country.

“We have also significantly increased our coverage by increasing the number of sites in rural areas, in line with our commitment to provide affordable mobile services to all Tanzanians,” said Dinesh Balsingh, managing director of Airtel Tanzania.

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CTL selects Curvalux to improve broadband connectivity in Lagos

08 April 2022

Curvalux, a developer of next generation wireless broadband solutions, has signed a deal with Communication Trend Limited (CTL) to conduct a commercial pilot of the Curvalux system to deliver affordable high-speed broadband access to Lagos, Nigeria.

The agreement will see Curvalux’s fixed wireless access (FWA) technology deployed in Lagos to provide significantly improved broadband connectivity to residents and businesses in the city. CTL will install Curvalux’s Edge Node antennas across an area of the city and evaluate broadband coverage and performance during a four-week evaluation period. Once the service becomes commercially available, CTL customers will be able to subscribe to a standalone broadband access service or combine it with a TV package ‘at significantly reduced costs compared with other access solutions.

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